The grace with which she held her cup was magical to him; her glowing skin brought to life by the sunlight that pierced through the window made her look like an otherworldly goddess, one who


“NEXT!” the man ordered through the microphone when the man walked out. Almost immediately, a tall woman burst in; dress barely clinging onto her svelte body for dear life as her high heels clunked on


“Can we go now?” his son asked, barely concealing his fright. “Wait a moment. I have to check to make sure it’s safe out there,” his father replied, trying his best to cloak his own


The hot afternoon sun gazed upon the ample grasslands, staring at the wildlife inhabitants so much that they had to linger around the watering holes, dipping themselves severally in an attempt to avoid it. They

        “Many decades ago, in this very village lived a man named Isela. He was an upcoming craftsman who made beautiful wooden and bronze engravings of animals, landscapes and even famous people. His art became


The night air was chilly and the moon’s light paled in comparison to the bright orange street lights that illuminated the neighborhood. With no sound of dogs barking, crickets singing, I could have sworn I

The rooster ran out of the coop, jumped onto the pole, and puffing its chest out, cried out to the twilight heavens with all its might. Then, it looked down at the sleeping village, looked

There was a time in history when man and his creator lived in harmony. Father, as they called the deity, would descend from the silver sphere in the sky he called home and spend time