Technology is something the film industry can never be grateful enough for. From being able to reanimate long gone actors in movies, show robots transforming into cars and have humans display super powered strength, all


PREMISE At some point in time, humans with powers were used to build cities and the world. Then, with the advent of automation, they were replaced with machines that could do better than them. Eventually,


Betrayed, heartbroken and in despair, he opts to drown his sorrows in her arms, only to discover much worse than he thought…


     The sun’s harsh afternoon heat scrapped their skin like glass, peeling it off with an intensity one could only imagine, but for the men of the Maiden Voyage, that was the least of their


Previously…LIFE IN THE SHADOWS They stared at each other, wide-eyed and smiling awkwardly as they approached each other in an uncomfortable hug. “Hey, Damian,” Emma started. “Hi – hi Emma,” he replied, scratching his head.

Aunt Jessie watched the girl shudder, breathing heavily as one tear cascaded down her cheeks. She wiped her red eyes and looked at her, finally saying. “Why doesn’t he want me? I – I was

He had come to enjoy the whoosh of speeding cars on the highway, rushing to beat the traffic light, only to have the police officer march across the road with his hands raised in the